International Baiyuan Tongbei Quan Association
Carlito Bayne

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Carlito Bayne, also known as Tito to the group, was raised in South Jamaica Queens, New York. As a child growing up Tito enjoyed and excelled at  football and creating art. He particularly liked to draw martial art characters and make pretend Kung-fu movies with his cousin. He was taught the basic principles of fighting from his late grand mother. She taught him a person couldn't fight if he (1) could not see, (2) could not walk, and (3) could not breathe. These concepts have followed him ever since. He was turned on to martial arts from watching channel 5 at 3:00 pm on Saturday, where they would broadcast the Shaw Bros. Kung fu movies. His mother would also take him to the movies to see the latest Kung fu special feature.

    In his teenage years, he ran with the wrong crowd and was known as a fierce person. Equipped with only street smarts and street tactics he made it through hard learned lessons. Though his life continued to have ups and downs, he still managed to graduate from High School and he attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design.

    He met Shifu Clayton Shiu at an essential point in his life. Shifu Shiu instructed him traditional Chinese martial arts, first in Northern Shaolin Quan and later Wu style Taiji Quan. As his relationship with Shifu Shiu strengthened, Tito continued to train more intensely until real Kung Fu training became a part of his everyday life. Shifu Shiu saw how dedicated Tito was to his training and made him an  assistant teacher at the Zhi Cheng Gongfu School at Harlem, New York and one of his closest Indoor Students. Later, Shifu Shiu, with the help of Shiye Zhang Yun and Shifu Strider Clark introduced Tito to his chosen art, Shi Style Baiyuan Tongbei Quan.  As Tito trained in Baiyuan Tongbei Quan his true kung fu abilities started to excel even more and now he is regarded among his martial arts peers as a representative of traditional Shi Style Baiyuan Tongbei Quan. 

Tito's continuing display of kung fu excellence reached another milestone when he had an opportunity to train first hand with Shiye Zhang's Kung Fu Brothers, Master Zhao Zeren, Lu Shengli, and Gu Yun, in Beijing China. From this two weeks intensive training, Tito got much deeper understand about traditional Chinese martial arts and mastered much more detail skills of Baiyuan Tongbei Quan.

He is now also an in-door student of Shiye Zhang Yun and Shifu Strider Clark. He currently devotes his life to the practice and spread of Shi style BaiyuanTongbei Quan,  Wu Style Taiji and tradition martial arts for the Yin Cheng Gong Fa.

So far Tito is the vice-president of the International Baiyuan Tongbei Quan Association, and an instructor in Zhi Cheng Gongfu School.

Demonstrate Baiyuan Tongbei
in Zhi Cheng Gongfu School
Shifu Shiu and his indoor students in Beijing
from left: Jason, Peter, Frank, Clayton, and Tito
Master Zhao Zeren's Tongbei class
With Master Lu Shengli in the party
Master Gu Yun's Tongbei class
Fighting training with well-known Yiq Qan (Dacheng Quan) Master Wang Zuochen
Tongbei training class
With Master Ma Jinlong, the president of Beijing Li Style Taiji Association
Zhi Cheng School students show respect
in Great Master Wang Peisheng's grave